LilianTerry International

Lilian Terry International co-founder Dr. Kateryna (Katya) Tsvyetkova had always been intrigued by the writings of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann – the progenitor of Homeopathy – especially where he was imagining the possibility of combining the effects and characteristics of homeopathy and aromatherapy to obtain even better results than he already did from his studies.

A born Ukrainian medical doctor and homeopath, Dr. Katya was temporarily living in South Africa where
her husband was stationed when she met well known and respected clinical aromatherapist Lilian
Terry. Lilian had relocated to South Africa with her husband Derek Terry from the United Kingdom after
he obtained work as an engineer for the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

In 1996 – after having met and befriended each other – these indominable women joined forces, and through the inspiration of Dr. Hahneman’s writings successfully combined the results and effectiveness of homeopathy and aromatherapy. And through this, the company Lilian Terry International was born, with assistance and guidance from Lilian’s husband Derek Terry.

A force of nature, Lilian won admiration through her wealth of knowledge, charisma and strength of character whereas Dr. Katya brought her engaging, warm personality and medical expertise – including her specialization in pulmonology and paediatrics – to the table, and together they created beautiful, natural treatment complexes that offered a world first, unique synergy between the two disciplines of homeopathy and aromatherapy.

Initially it was only a small number of different complexes – the combination of which they called Aromeopathy – addressing a few basic issues such as stress, circulation, muscle ache and cellulite, which were blended in house in Pretoria, South Africa. Lilian already operated a treatment and training centre and this was used as the base to test, manufacture and market these complexes from, growing the range over the time.

Unfortunately, during a business trip in 2008 to the United States, Lilian
passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. She left behind a wonderful legacy
of not only a successful, growing business but also of so many people who
still remember her with fondness, and who learned from the knowledge she
so readily shared with all fortunate enough to attend her teachings.

Her husband Derek – who had already been assisting with the company on a
part time basis – stepped up into a more prominent role, running the company
alongside Dr. Katya and with the support of the loyal LTI staff.

After a few years Derek and Dr. Katya realized that LTI had outgrown its premises, and that they needed to make some changes to allow the brand the opportunity to reach its full potential. They searched for the perfect partnership that would match and preserve the company’s integrity and business ethics, which they found in well-known fellow South African brand Zinplex.

So in 2016 LTI relocated to the Zinplex premises, where it was
allowed the room and opportunity to grow from strength to
strength into the company it is today.

Sadly, another great loss occurred when Derek Terry passed away in June of 2022. But thanks to his years of dedication to LTI along with his outgoing, people loving nature and generosity of spirit he left an indelible mark in the industry and on the company, which will continue to inspire and drive those who he left behind.

Thanks to the unique combination of people – with a wide range of skill sets and personalities – who
have been part of Lilian Terry International through its origination and growth over more than a quarter
of a century, the company is not just another supplier to the beauty and wellness industry but a company
with heart, values and integrity.