In the Lilian Terry Laboratory, in 1996, the concept of Homeopathic
Aromatherary was created by Dr Kateryna Tsvyetkova (MD, Phd, Homeopath) and Lilian Terry
(Clinical aromatherapist with years of experience in beauty therapy and aromatherapy).

The LTI Homeopathic Aromatherapy range combines homeopathic remedies and essential
oils. The resulting pure energy healing complexes, used through massage or reflexology,
enables immediate penetration through the skin and mucous membranes
to activate the cell receptors.

Lilian Terry International created the world’s first synergy between homeopathy and aromatherapy. This unique combination creates a powerful, natural energy complex that enhances and rebalances health and wellbeing, addressing a number of concerns from sore muscles to hormonal imbalances and more.


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